Open Gate Platform

Design Your Own Gates

pixl-latr is already an incredibly flexible platform for digitising your film, but we know that with your help and input, it can be even more!

pixl-latr comes with 6 injection moulded gates that slot into pixl-latr to mask 35mm & 120 film. But what about all the other film formats?

We already have support for mounted slides, APS, 127, and more, but as long as the format is smaller than 5×4″ it could be digitised with pixl-latr! 

And that’s where the makers in the community come in!

If you’re handy with a 3D printer, why not design, create, and make available gates that you and other people can use?

Once you have created your gate, we just ask you to make it available on Thingiverse so other people can print it to try for themselves. You are also welcome to sell your designs to others in the community. 

Team pixl-latr approved designs will also be listed here


Download the Design Files

If you would like to get involved, you can download various useful resources here.