Magazine Reviews

We are starting to collect magazine reviews from around the world, so we thought we would create a page collating them.


Fstoppers reviewed pixl-latr in an article and said “this will forever change the way you digitize film” that can be read here 

Digital camera world – uk 

DCW awarded us a 5-star review which can be read here 

Amateur Photographer Magazine – UK

AP gave us a 4-star review which you can read here – the conclusion being that pixl-latr represents “excellent value for money“.

Silvergrain Classics – International

Silvergrain Classic said, “pixl-latr offers an excellent mix of build quality and versatility in relation to achievable scanning results condensed into an affordable entry-level package.





Digital Photographer Magazine – Germany

Digital photographer in Germany rated pixl-latr as GUT awarding us 4-stars and saying it is “intuitive in use“.

Customer reviews

Bill Stickney 

Excellent product!

I have 50+ years of film negatives and slides and the pixl-latr has made the process of digitizing these much easier.”

Simon Hendy

Highly Recommended 

I have been working with a pixl-latr for the best part of a year now, and it has revolutionised the digitising of a large archive of negatives and slides – mainly 35mm but also some 120 and 5×4.
The productivity gain over scanning is enormous, and it’s so simple to use. I also have the new mask, which helps cut down on stray light quite significantly. 

NEIL _____

 A Fantastic Solution To Curly Film…!  

This is a wonderful alternative to using a flatbed scanner to digitise my film. I use it mostly for 4×5 and 120 film and have tried making and modifying other film holders before pixl-latr, and genuinely this wins hands down. Team it up with a decent copy stand and a capable digital camera and you’ll have a winning setup.

Anthony Roman

 The Paradigm Shift is fully underway! 

As an avid photo enthusiast, I was always looking for better work flows, better great glass, and full control of the creative process. Film to digital transfer is a key to that process. I was an Epson v500 user and thought this is as good as it will get (based on budget and lack of new cheap film scanners), In comes Hamish and his new way of doing business (thank god)! My new development process is to use my home darkroom but then I leave the whole roll uncut and run the frames through the Pixl-latr at the ever-increasing digital sensor resolutions. I use my Sony A7 with full-frame 24MB scanning for my Black and White, and I love the results. My setup includes a set of extensions tubes and a Leica R macro 60mm lens. Thanks, Hamish !!