pixl-latr – simplify digitising film

pixl-latr was born from a desire to simplify the process of digitising film, negatives and reversal film with a digital camera

In the summer of 2018, pixl-latr smashed it’s target on Kickstarter raising £66,933 pledged of a £9,840 goal.

As a result, funds were made available to develop the pixl-latr film holder to the next level.

After a somewhat prolonged product redevelopment cycle pixl-latr finally hit the market in March of 2020 with just over 2000 pixl-latr being delivered to very patient kickstarter backers and those who placed pre-orders on the website.

We will forever be grateful for all the support we were given on the Kickstarter – a big thanks to everyone who supported us during the campaign and since.

We hope that you are all finding pixl-latr to be helpful in the process of digitising your film.


*This image is an orginal pixl-latr from our Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter

You can learn more about the origins of pixl-latr and our journey to Kickstarter on the campaign page

” I had a go with a 120 roll and it was brilliant! So much easier and faster than the film holders I’ve tried to use in the past. Also found a bubble level to quickly level the camera for digitising. I think it’s just saved me investing in a new scanner for 4×5.”

– Bill Thoo

“I am very happy with how it has worked so far and it is definitely easier and more effective to use than any of the methods I’ve tried previously

– Alex Relton