Valoi 360 135 Holder


Valoi 360 135 Film Holder

Speed up your workflow with the Valoi 135 holder adapted to pixl-latr

Requires pixl-latr X Valoi adapter. Don’t have the adapter already? Bundle one with the holder for a discount below!

Read more about our collaboration and the pixl-latr x Valoi holder here.

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pixl-latr is the most versatile film holder out of the box. It provides a platform for digitising 35mm, 120 and 5×4 film with no additional parts required. As a platform, we also support many other formats of film too. We also love working with others in the community, even some companies that some people might regard as our competition, including Valoi.

There are advantages to both the pixl-latr and Valoi platforms. pixl-latr brings a built-in diffuser, low-cost multi-format platform out of the box, and compatibility with our Mask-A4. Valoi holders bring a potential increase in the rate of workflow when it comes to advancing the film. As such, by combining platforms, the advantages of each system are brought together. For those who digitise high volumes of different formats of film, this is the perfect low-cost combination to achieve high-speed digitisation.

With all of pixl-latr’s gates removed the pixl-latr x Valoi adapter simply clips into place on top of pixl-latr’s frame. With the adapter in place, you can then use the Valoi 360 135 holder. Swapping them out takes seconds too, meaning it’s quicker to switch from one format to another. Our Mask-A4 can still be used to block out any extraneous light and give you the highest quality digitisations too.

Please be aware, this holder does not come with a pixl-latr.

We also offer a pixl-latr x Valoi parts kit which can be found here – this comes with a pixl-latr frame, diffuser and feet.

If you require any of the gates for digitising roll film of any type, we recommend buying a complete pixl-latr and adapter separately.

As always, if you have any questions about the Valoi 360 135 holder, pixl-latr, any of our other products, or indeed how to achieve great scans of your film with a digital camera, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 160 × 95 × 24 mm